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Ecommerce mobile app sales currently account for 19% of all US ecommerce retail sales – and are expected to reach 27% by the end of 2018. That’s more than a quarter of all ecommerce spend.

From Amazon to Walmart to Starbucks, the companies that have mastered the art of the ecommerce mobile app are raking in the big bucks. After all, ecommerce mobile apps outshine ecommerce websites for plenty of reasons. Consumers can receive deals, offers and loyalty rewards right to their phones. They can compare prices, shop from the comfort of home – and shop whenever they want.

But consumers have high expectations of their mobile apps. If your ecommerce mobile app is making any of these mistakes, you’re risking losing users.

1. Your app is basically a website.

Ecommerce mobile apps make it easy to shop anywhere, anytime.

Ecommerce mobile apps make it easy to shop anywhere, anytime.

Often ecommerce companies start on the web and move to mobile. Too often their apps just end up being mobile-based clones of their website. Bad idea. Apps are a completely different medium and come with their own design norms. Typically, user flows are simpler and more streamlined, often with more focused, less comprehensive functionality. When building your ecommerce mobile app, figure out the number one thing that users want to do, and make doing it simple.

2. You treat all users alike.

A major difference between browsing the web and browsing on mobile is the ability to personalize beyond targeted ads. If your app fails to tailor its content to a particular user, you’re missing out on an opportunity to engage them. The best ecommerce mobile apps remember what a user has searched for and bought – and can make on-target suggestions for new things to buy. They also make the most of targeted push notifications to drive conversions. Perhaps most importantly, they’ll save address and payment details to avoid the hassle of inputting that information again.

3. Your product images are grainy.

Make ecommerce shopping simple and users will thank you.

Make ecommerce shopping simple and users will thank you.

Buying online comes with risks. After all, you’re buying something sight unseen. That’s why product images matter. A single low-quality image is a great way to scare away your users. Instead, opt for multiple images on a white background. If possible, add a zoom function and include images that show the product being used or worn. Even gifs or video loops can help seal the deal. Your conversion stats will respond accordingly.

4. Your search feature is no good.

Search is a critical feature for ecommerce, so make sure yours works. Ensure that it surfaces the right content, along with suggestions based on past searches. Autofill is a big help as well. Also check to ensure that your search bar is within easy reach and is plain to see. Don’t hide it behind an icon or make a user go hunting for it. Do, however, make sure that your analytics are monitoring how shoppers use search, and how it influences conversions.

5. Checking out is a nightmare.

If you want your users to spend money in your app, you need to make it easy as possible. Make it simple to browse, shop and ship – even if a user hasn’t created an account. Guest checkout functionality is essential, and so is offering multiple payment options. Duplicate shipping information from payment information, and write a script to reformat numerical input to avoid errors. You’ll also want to show the customer what’s in their cart so that they can do a final review.

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