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Building a mobile app is often a long-term endeavor. Apps need to be researched, designed, built, marketed and maintained post-launch. Which is why finding the right digital partner for your mobile app is so important.

Here’s what makes a world-class digital partner.

They’re trustworthy.

Communication is key for a mobile app digital partner.

Communication is key for a mobile app digital partner.

Your digital partner is going to be with you for the long-haul, so you need to feel good about the working relationship. How do you know you’re in good hands?

– They’re transparent about costs and timelines
– They understand your business goals and needs
– They share a vision for building a true solution
– They’re great to work with

They’re communicative.

Mobile apps are in-depth projects involving lots of moving parts. Being kept in the loop about what’s going on is essential. Here’s what you should expect.

– A stateside team working standard hours
– A point of contact who answers your questions
– Regular project updates and status reports
– Meetings and calls as needed

They’re experienced.

For true mobile app success, you want to work with seasoned pros. Your digital partner should have extensive experience that includes designing, building and launching apps. Here’s what to look for.

– A portfolio of completed mobile apps
– Breadth of design and development skills
– Familiarity with your app type
– Familiarity with your vertical

They’re business savvy.

A good digital partner is process oriented.

A good digital partner is process oriented.

A great digital partner doesn’t just build unquestioningly to specifications. They’ll look at the bigger picture to see what’s best for your app – and for you. Here’s what they might touch on.

– The viability of your business model
– Market research and differentiation
– Different options for driving revenue
– A marketing and maintenance budget
– App store optimization

They’re process oriented.

Your digital partner should have a proven way of working. Whether they’re into Agile or something else, you should be confident that your project will progress coherently and consistently. Here are a few things to look for.

– An onboarding and discovery process
– User-driven design and development
– A feedback loop with user testing
– A roadmap for future updates

Finding the right digital partner for your mobile app is essential. There’s a lot on the line, so you want to make the right choice. We’ve worked with dozens of happy clients, so if you’re after a partner who can deliver your desired ROI, get in touch!

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