The benefits of mobile app gamification.

Mobile app gamification: adding game elements to your mobile app

Mobile app gamification is where you add game design elements to your mobile app. Why would you do this? Because people love to compete, complete tasks and collect items. Gamification takes basic human nature and shifts it to our phones. And it’s effective across a number of metrics, including acquisition, retention and engagement. Let’s take […]

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App Store or Google Play? We look at the differences.

App Store or Google Play?

If you’re building an app, one of your first questions will be whether iOS or Android is best. There are pros and cons for each, but one factor to consider is the store platform your app will be pushed to. Let’s look at some of the differences between the App Store and Google Play – and […]

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Our best mobile apps for small businesses.

The best mobile apps for small businesses

As mobile app developers, we know that apps aren’t just for entertainment. They help us work more efficiently, cost effectively and collaboratively. Here are a few we consider to be among the best mobile apps for small businesses. Xero – small business accounting Need an easy way of keeping on top of your accounts? Xero’s […]

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8 things users don't want to see in your mobile app.

8 things users never want to see in your mobile app

Everything you build should be created with people in mind. Building an app that does what users want, how they want it is key to success. Failing to do that means disgruntled users and plenty of uninstalls. Here are 8 things users never want to see in your mobile app. 1 Long load times No […]

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7 features your retail mobile app needs

Does your retail mobile app have these 7 features?

Retail mobile apps are big business. In 2018 consumers doubled the number of retail apps they use, and the usage stats are impressive. 49% now use apps for making purchases, 60% for browsing products, and 50% for cutting coupons. Not only that, but retailers posted their biggest-ever app-based sales across last year’s major holidays. Needless to […]

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Productivity apps list.

7 productivity apps you need right now

We’re all trying to do more with less. Fortunately, technology has our back with productivity apps built to help us manage our time, teams, projects, documents and reading. Here are some of the productivity apps we use on a daily basis to stay on top of our tasks at work and at home. 1 Toggl […]

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Great retail mobile apps

4 great retail mobile apps changing how we shop

Retail is an industry ripe for disruption, and there are plenty of great retail mobile apps out there making that disruption happen. In fact, 59% of customers now use retail mobile apps while shopping in store. Let’s take at a few of the top performers and how they’re doing it. 1 Gap’s “in stock on […]

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How to be a great mobile app client

How to be a great mobile app client

We’ve looked at what makes a great mobile app developer, but how about what makes a great mobile app client? After all, a good partnership is a bit like a marriage – we’re in this together to help transform your vision for your app in reality. Here’s what we love to see in the clients […]

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Questions to ask your mobile app digital partner

Questions to ask your prospective mobile app digital partner

You have a brilliant app idea, but to build it you need the right mobile app digital partner. If you’ve narrowed down your prospects to a shortlist, here’s what to ask before making the final decision. 1 Can I see your apps? Your mobile app digital partner probably has an online portfolio to review, so […]

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Designing mobile apps for large screens

Designing user-friendly mobile apps for large screens

Our phones are getting bigger, but our thumbs aren’t. So how can we design mobile apps for large screens without sacrificing the user experience? The rule of thumb Phone screens may have doubled in size, but 75% of users still use their thumb to navigate around their phone. Almost half use just one hand when […]

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