How to build trust in your marketplace app startup

Trust is crucial to the success of your marketplace app startup. In a peer-to-peer environment, people on both sides of the transaction are taking a risk. The buyer might not get what they’re paying for; the service provider might not get paid, or might end up dealing with damaged goods. Unsurprisingly, these concerns will have […]

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Managed marketplace startups are the next big thing.

Why managed marketplace startups are the next big thing

Managed marketplace startups are the hot new trend. Little wonder, since there’s big money involved – done right, they could disrupt the $10 trillion service economy. As a studio that’s worked on a few marketplaces that are taking their industry by storm, we’re 100% on the managed marketplace train. Let’s take a look at what […]

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The new wave of micro-mobility startups

The boom in transportation startups began with Uber and Lyft. Since then we’ve seen dozens of ridesharing and vehicle rental startups spring up around the world. Micro-mobility startups, as they’re called, are big business, and consumers and VCs alike can’t get enough.   Here are some of the micro-mobility startups that have caught our eye. Bird […]

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Laptop with text "new product"

Is minimum wow the new MVP for mobile startups?

We read with interest a recent article on Forbes that proposed that the current obsession with MVPs for mobile startups might actually be working against startups’ interests. The lean startup approach favored by many investor-hungry new businesses encourages entrepreneurs to put their product in front of an audience ASAP. The preferred way to do this […]

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What goes into a mobile app startup design brief

Preparing a design brief for your mobile app startup

As a mobile app startup you probably have a clear vision for your project. One of your first challenges will be to clearly communicate this vision to a design studio. This is where a design brief comes in. The goal of a brief is to ensure that your studio knows exactly what your goals are, […]

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Why we love working with startups

Why we love building mobile apps for startups

After years in the digital solutions business, we can firmly state that we thoroughly enjoy building mobile apps for startups and entrepreneurs. Whether bootstrapped or investor funded, startups and entrepreneurs are our people. We’re a boutique studio built on a passion for what we do and a drive for seeing results in the world – […]

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Should your mobile app startup build or buy its backend?

One of the early questions your mobile app startup will face is whether to build or buy your backend. The answer is that it depends. Let’s take a look at what a backend is, and why you might choose to build vs buy it. What’s a mobile app backend? There’s more to mobile apps than […]

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Feature design for your mobile app startup

When working with a mobile app startup, one of the first things we do is distill an idea or product down to its core feature. Once that’s been determined, we consider and add additional supporting features that will deliver measurable ROI. Deciding to add a feature to the app design for your mobile app startup […]

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How we consider mobile app ROI

Designing for mobile app ROI

As an award-winning mobile app development company, we always consider mobile app ROI (return on investment) as part of our overall development plan. Our aim is to balance our clients’ business requirements with user needs. In doing so, we build apps that deliver an incredible user experience while ensuring our clients enjoy a profitable product. […]

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Touchtap's mobile apps win 3 Horizon Interactive Awards

Touchtap’s mobile apps receive 3 nods at the Horizon Interactive Awards

Now in their 17th year, the Horizon Interactive Awards seek to recognize excellence in interactive design. This year’s awards saw more than 800 submissions from across 21 countries, so we’re honored to be able to count ourselves among the winning entries 3 times. Touchtap received the following award nods: Best in Category (Utility) – School […]

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