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The long awaited Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is among the first foldable phones expected to hit the market. And we anticipate that it will change how we use our phones. Why? Despite being the size of a regular phone, the foldable device is able to flip open to like a book to create a larger, tablet-style screen. It combines the portability of a phone with the visual field of a tablet.

So what can app developers take advantage of when designing for foldable phones?

More screen real estate

Foldable phones combine the functionality of a phone and a tablet.

One thing mobile app users can’t get enough of is screen space. A large screen delivers better video capabilities, along with an improved reading experience. Stylus-based activities like drawing and annotation are also areas that app developers can take advantage of.

While there’s room to develop all-new apps for foldable phones, optimizing existing visually oriented apps could pave the way to success.

Multi-tasking capabilities

Multi-tasking on mobile is a major source of friction for users. That’s because current phone designs make it difficult to toggle between apps. But foldable phones offer a multi-panel approach that could finally make mobile multi-tasking a reality.

In fact, Samsung’s phone can handle three apps at once, delivering functionality that’s closer to a laptop than a phone. This may reshape not just how we use our phones – but also how we use our computers.

Split-screen functionality

Foldable phones will simplify how we multi-task.

In 2018 mobile gaming brought in revenues of $70 billion. That figure is only growing. With their split-screen functionality, foldable phones will create a more immersive gaming experience. And no doubt the dollars will follow.

But split-screen isn’t just for gamers. We anticipate seeing in apps that bring social elements into media, as well as in productivity and utility tools used in the workplace. One part of the screen could be used as a keyboard, for example. Or the display could be mirrored so that two users can easily view it during a meeting.

Here’s to the early adopters of mobile phones

Foldable phones are still in their early days, which means that there’s going to be room to improve – and to grow into the market. But with some of the major manufacturers getting behind the trend, not to mention Google, the devices look like a solid play for the tech forward.

We look forward to seeing how the technology is received by the market, and to building some foldable phone apps of our own!

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